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The Miniature Roman Imperial Centurion Historical Helmet is hand crafted and made of iron and brass. This miniature helmet is quite an impressive ... more info

The Miniature Roman Gladiator Helmet is hand crafted and made of iron. Features Brass Spikes. This miniature helmet is quite an impressive helmet and ... more info

This 13th Century-era coat pulls over the head and is buttoned up near the neck. Features a 100% cotton lining and outer shell with layers of wool ... more info

Single Wall Mount Sword Stand. Sword not included.

Handforged Samurai Sword - Sword of The Chrysanthemum. Comes with the display stand.

Sword Zatoichi Samurai Sword. 42" overall, 29" bland and 10 1/2" handle. Hand forged carbon steel blade. Red lacquered finish ... more info

Futuristic Samurai Sword 3 pc Set with Display Stand Features: 3-Piece Samurai Sword Set with Wooden Display StandBlack Ornate Metal HandlesStainless ... more info

Stainless Steel Medieval Fantasy Sword With Wooden Display Plaque Features: Overall sword length 47"27.5" Mirror-Polished Double Edge Blade ... more info

The Gaelic Sgain Dubhs has been around for centuries and it is worn as part of a traditional Scottish Highland dress along with the kilt. It is worn ... more info

Some daggers manage to achieve a fine balance between form and function, matching utility with eye-catching style. The Cross Pommel Knights Dagger ... more info

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