Russian Boyar Battle Helmet


Polished 18 gauge steel and an attached butted mail aventail (or camail) offer plenty of protection in this authentic re-creation of the helmets worn by Russian nobles (boyars) throughout the medieval period. Relatively lighter than more robust Western European helmets, these helmets were perfectly suited for either cavalry or infantry and ideal for both pitched battle and the kind of sporadic hit and run tactics often seen on the Russian steppes. Comprised of butted mail, the detachable aventail serves as protection for the neck and shoulders while the helmets interior features a soft genuine leather lining to ensure a comfortable fit. A solid nasal strip to protect the nose gives the helmet its technical name: the nasal helmet served as an evolution over the older spangenhelm-style helmets.

Originally Persian in design, this helmet style first came into Russia via the Volga River trade routes that served as a connection between the far north Russian principalities and the Middle East. Spreading west, it became the most popular helmet design of the early medieval period; in Western Europe though it eventually gave way to more robust means of protection like the Great Helm as heavily armed Crusader knights came to dominate the battlefield. However, on the expansive steppes of the Ukraine and southern Russia where a greater emphasis was placed on mobility, helmets such as this retained their usefulness as they were much lighter and less burdensome on the wearer. This was put on full display at Alexander Nevskys great victory at the Battle of the Ice in 1242 where an army of relatively lightly armored Russian boyars defeated an army comprised of much more heavily armored Teutonic Knights on the frozen Lake Peipus, with the weight of the German knights armor eventually cracking the frozen ice under them, drowning many.

Material: 18 Gauge Steel, Polished Finish, Genuine Leather liner padding
Approximate Weight: 6.20 Lbs
Forehead Circumference: 27.77 Inches (68 cms)

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